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LY 294002

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IN0091-5mg USD113.0

References for LY 294002:

1. Xing, C. G., Zhu, B. S., Fan, X. Q., Liu, H. H., Hou, X., Zhao, K., and Qin, Z. H. Effects of LY294002 on the invasiveness of human gastric cancer in vivo in nude mice. World J Gastroenterol, 15: 5044-5052, 2009.

2. Liu, J. J. and Duan, R. D. LY294002 enhances boswellic acid-induced apoptosis in colon cancer cells. Anticancer Res, 29: 2987-2991, 2009.

3. Zhang, Y., Qu, X. J., Liu, Y. P., Yang, X. H., Hou, K. Z., Teng, Y. E., and Zhang, J. D. Reversal effect of PI3-K inhibitor LY294002 on P-glycoprotein-mediated multidrug resistance of human leukemia cell line K562/DNR and gastric cancer cell line SGC7901/ADR. Ai Zheng, 28: 97-99, 2009.

4. Fujiwara, M., Izuishi, K., Sano, T., Hossain, M. A., Kimura, S., Masaki, T., and Suzuki, Y. Modulating effect of the PI3-kinase inhibitor LY294002 on cisplatin in human pancreatic cancer cells. J Exp Clin Cancer Res, 27: 76, 2008.

5. Kanda, S., Kanetake, H., and Miyata, Y. Loss of PTEN function may account for reduced proliferation pathway sensitivity to LY294002 in human prostate and bladder cancer cells. J Cancer Res Clin Oncol, 135: 303-311, 2009.

6. Shi, X. Y., Cai, X. J., Lei, J. X., Cao, F. J., Pan, D. F., and Chen, P. [Reversal effect of PI-3K/Akt pathway inhibitor LY294002 on multidrug resistance of ovarian cancer cell line A2780/Taxol]. Ai Zheng, 27: 343-347, 2008.

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