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Signaling Pathway Mapping (TGFβ (TGF-beta), Wnt, NF-kB, MAPK)

AddexBio Reporter Assays provide a HTS for rapid, sensitive, and quantitative assessment of signal transduction pathway activation by measuring the activities of downstream transcription factors in cultured cells. We transfect the HEK-293 cells with the reporter and run services for the following signaling pathways to provide a comprehensive coverage for potential mechanism of action of drug candidates based on:

	Monitor how the signaling pathway is regulated by your compounds.
	Evaluate how potent the effect of tested compound is on activity of the pathway.
	Delineate the potential biological targets for your drug candidates. 

We have experimentally optimized the number of response elements as well as the intervening sequence between response elements to maximize the signal to noise ratio for each pathway.

In addition to the positive and negative controls included in each run, we also cotransfect the reporter with Renilla luciferase as an internal control for normalizing transfection efficiencies, monitoring cell viability and producing a ratiometric readout, thus to ensure the validity and the comparability of the data over time.

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