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Cell Import/Export Information

Import & Export Requirements - All Non US Orders

CITES (Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)

Some cell lines available from Addexbio are derived from species covered by CITES. Depending on the classification of the species, a CITES export permit or both export and import permits may be required. Most of our collections do not need permits. For further information and to confirm whether a permit is required, please visit where your country contact is listed.

Should your order require an export permit we will invoice a fee per permit to help offset our processing costs. This will be detailed in your delivery charges. If an import permit is required send a copy directly to Addexbio as we will need to include it with your shipment.

If your order requires a CITES export permit it will be sent by airfreight (not by door-to-door courier) to the nearest customs clearing airport. This means that you will need to arrange to collect your order from the airport. You will be notified by Addexbio with the necessary information, e.g. airway bill number and flight details, to enable you to arrange timely collection of your order from customs. You may find it beneficial to engage a customs clearing agent to aid clearance through customs.

Import Permit Requirements - Ordering from Outside the USA only


All cell lines imported into Australia require a permit issued by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQUIS). Further details can be obtained by contacting AQUIS on + 61 2 6272 4578 or the AQUIS office in your State or Territory. Once a permit is obtained send it directly to Addexbio as we will need to include it with your shipment.


Although most cell lines from Addexbio do not require a Health Canada Import permit, Health Canada has introduced regulations to control the importation of cell lines into Canada, and to ensure that adequate facilities exist for proper laboratory handling and containment of these pathogens. These regulations allow Health Canada to assess, control and manage the risk of inadvertent transmission of communicable disease caused by imported pathogens.

In case an application to import cell lines into Canada is required, the application must be submitted to Health Canada. After evaluation and approval by Health Canada, an import permit will be issued which must accompany the shipment of the cell line into Canada. A single- or multiple-entry permit will be issued according to the particular situation.

Once a permit is obtained send it directly to Addexbio as we will need to include it with your shipment.

The Office of Laboratory Security, Health Canada, issues permits for the importation of cell lines. For further details contact:

Office of Laboratory Security

100 Colonnade Road, Loc.: 6201A

Ottawa ON K1A 0K9

Telephone: (613) 957-1779

Fax: (613) 941-0596

South Africa

The National Department of Agriculture (NDA) and the Department of Health have a regulatory function with respect to the import of cell lines to South Africa. The origin of the cell line dictates which office you need to contact. Before sending your order to Addexbio, please contact both of these organizations to ensure that the correct procedure is followed.

The National Department of Agriculture


Department of Health

Private Bag X828

Telephone: 012 - 312 0000

Fax: 012 - 326 4395


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