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HCT-116 cells

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Frozen vial USD390.0

References for HCT-116 cells:

1. Borralho, P. M., Kren, B. T., Castro, R. E., da Silva, I. B., Steer, C. J., and Rodrigues, C. M. MicroRNA-143 reduces viability and increases sensitivity to 5-fluorouracil in HCT116 human colorectal cancer cells. Febs J, 276: 6689-6700, 2009.

2. Lee, S. J., Cho, Y. H., Kim, H., Park, K., Park, S. K., Ha, S. D., Kim, W. J., and Moon, S. K. Inhibitory effects of the ethanol extract of Gleditsia sinensis thorns on human colon cancer HCT116 cells in vitro and in vivo. Oncol Rep, 22: 1505-1512, 2009.

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Certificate of Analysis/MSDS is available upon request with lot number

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