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Chemistry Services

As a reliable partner for new drug developers, medicinal chemistry service provided by Addexbio encompasses a broad breath of chemistry services. We meet our clients’ needs using our strong expertise in organic and medicinal chemistry, extensive experience in industrial drug discovery and excellent managerial skills acquired from working experience at CRO. Each of our R&D services can be contracted as part of an integrated program or as a stand-alone project.

Medicinal Chemistry

Addexbio’s medicinal chemistry experts can help devise medicinal chemistry strategies for clients’ need from hit identification, hit to lead generation to lead optimization. With our flexible tactics, we help start-up drug discovery units swiftly address their needs in medicinal chemistry and execute the medicinal chemistry strategies using our strong knowledge and experience in industrial drug discovery and managing CRO resources.

  • Novel scaffold design and comparative analysis for hit identification

    • Competitive landscape analysis for new programs
    • Route design and exploration of structural diversity within new scaffolds
    • IP analysis
  • Assess HTS hit sets and design library for SAR profiling

  • SAR analysis based on both in vitro and in vivo data

  • Design initial leads from competitors‘ patents

  • Focused library design for lead generation and optimization

  • Design SPR-guided analogs with better drug-likeness

  • Studies flow design and project consultation

  • Help client identify and manage CRO resources

  • Assisting patent filing for/by clients

Modern Synthetic Chemistry

  • Organometallic chemistry (Highly reactive metal catalysis, reaction under inert atmosphere)

  • Organoboron chemistry (Hydroboration and coupling, widely applied in material science and medicinal chemistry)

  • Organofluorine chemistry

  • Asymmetric synthesis (Catalysis and Resolution)

  • Glycosylation (Important chemistry for biologically active compounds)

  • Natural products modification( Common method to improve the medicinal and biological properties of natural products)

Custom Synthesis

Our chemists are experts in the latest technologies in synthetic organic chemistry, including asymmetric synthesis.  We have a strong track-record and expertise in designing and preparing multi-step targets on scales ranging from milligrams to several hundred grams. Using this experience, we can handle custom syntheses of small molecules with novel scaffolds and functions.

  • Bioassay substrates

  • Building blocks and intermediates

  • Chiral compounds

  • Heterocyclic chemistry and scaffolds

  • Multi-step synthesis

  • Pharmaceutical reference standards (APIs, impurities, metabolites and parent compounds)

  • Stable isotope labeled compounds (Deuterium, carbon-13, nitrogen-15 and oxygen-18)

  • Synthesis route design

  • Reaction condition optimization

  • Scale-up (milligrams to kilograms)

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