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SK-BR-3 cells

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References for SK-BR-3 cells:

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2. Choi, E. J. and Kim, G. H. Apigenin causes G(2)/M arrest associated with the modulation of p21(Cip1) and Cdc2 and activates p53-dependent apoptosis pathway in human breast cancer SK-BR-3 cells. J Nutr Biochem, 20: 285-290, 2009.

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6. Manfroid, I., Van de Weerdt, C., Baudhuin, A., Martial, J. A., and Muller, M. EGF stimulates Pit-1 independent transcription of the human prolactin pituitary promoter in human breast cancer SK-BR-3 cells through its proximal AP-1 response element. Mol Cell Endocrinol, 229: 127-139, 2005.

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