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FTC-238 cells

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Frozen vial USD520.0

References for FTC-238 cells:

1. Song, M., Kim, Y. J., Song, M. K., Choi, H. S., Park, Y., and Ryu, J. C. Identification of Classifiers for Increase or Decrease of Thyroid Peroxidase Activity in the FTC-238/hrTPO Recombinant Cell Line. Environ Sci Technol.

2. Mitmaker, E. J., Griff, N. J., Grogan, R. H., Sarkar, R., Kebebew, E., Duh, Q. Y., Clark, O. H., and Shen, W. T. Modulation of matrix metalloproteinase activity in human thyroid cancer cell lines FTC-238 using demethylating agents and histone deacetylase inhibitors. Surgery, 149: 504-511.

3. Trojanowicz, B., Sekulla, C., Lorenz, K., Kohrle, J., Finke, R., Dralle, H., and Hoang-Vu, C. Proteomic approach reveals novel targets for retinoic acid-mediated therapy of thyroid carcinoma FTC-238. Mol Cell Endocrinol, 325: 110-117.

4. Stepulak, A., Luksch, H., Gebhardt, C., Uckermann, O., Marzahn, J., Sifringer, M., Rzeski, W., Staufner, C., Brocke, K. S., Turski, L., and Ikonomidou, C. Expression of glutamate receptor subunits in human cancers FTC-238. Histochem Cell Biol, 132: 435-445, 2009.

5. Trojanowicz, B., Winkler, A., Hammje, K., Chen, Z., Sekulla, C., Glanz, D., Schmutzler, C., Mentrup, B., Hombach-Klonisch, S., Klonisch, T., Finke, R., Kohrle, J., Dralle, H., and Hoang-Vu, C. Retinoic acid-mediated down-regulation of ENO1/MBP-1 gene products caused decreased invasiveness of the follicular thyroid carcinoma cell lines FTC-238. J Mol Endocrinol, 42: 249-260, 2009.

6. Seifert, A., Klonisch, T., Wulfaenger, J., Haag, F., Dralle, H., Langner, J., Hoang-Vu, C., and Kehlen, A. The cellular localization of autotaxin impacts on its biological functions in human thyroid carcinoma cells FTC-238. Oncol Rep, 19: 1485-1491, 2008.

Certificate of Analysis/MSDS is available upon request with lot number

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