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ABBFO1035-5mg USD99.0

References for 5-TAMRA, SE :

1. Nagatoishi S, Nojima T, Galezowska E, Juskowiak B, Takenaka S. (2006) G Quadruplex- Based FRET Probes with the Thrombin-Binding Aptamer (TBA) Sequence Designed for the Efficient Fluorometric Detection of the Potassium Ion. Chembiochem, 7, 1730.

2. Fischer R, Bachle D, Fotin-Mleczek M, Jung G, Kalbacher H, Brock R. (2006) A targeted protease substrate for a quantitative determination of protease activities in the endolysosomal pathway. Chembiochem, 7, 1428.

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