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Dasatinib (free base)

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IN0127-25mg USD126.0
IN0127-100mg USD270.0

References for Dasatinib:

1. Yu, E. Y., Wilding, G., Posadas, E., Gross, M., Culine, S., Massard, C., Morris, M. J., Hudes, G., Calabro, F., Cheng, S., Trudel, G. C., Paliwal, P., and Sternberg, C. N. Phase II study of dasatinib in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. Clin Cancer Res, 15: 7421-7428, 2009.

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6. Koreckij, T., Nguyen, H., Brown, L. G., Yu, E. Y., Vessella, R. L., and Corey, E. Dasatinib inhibits the growth of prostate cancer in bone and provides additional protection from osteolysis. Br J Cancer, 101: 263-268, 2009.

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