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Ruthenium red

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IN0100-50mg USD49.0

References for Ruthenium red:

1. Kessel, D., Castelli, M., and Reiners, J. J. Ruthenium red-mediated suppression of Bcl-2 loss and Ca(2+) release initiated by photodamage to the endoplasmic reticulum: scavenging of reactive oxygen species. Cell Death Differ, 12: 502-511, 2005.

2. El-Saggan, A. H. and Uhrik, B. Improved staining of negative binding sites with ruthenium red on cryosections of frozen cells. Gen Physiol Biophys, 21: 457-461, 2002.

3. Brodie, A. E. and Reed, D. J. Calcium chelation induced glutathione efflux from tumor cells and prevention by ruthenium red or neomycin. Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 176: 276-279, 1991.

4. Nosyreva, E. D., Grishchenko, II, and Neguliaev Iu, A. [Effect of ruthenium red on the sodium channel inactivation of neuroblastoma cells]. Neirofiziologiia, 20: 131-134, 1988.

5. Anghileri, L. J., Marchal, C., Matrat, M., Crone-Escanye, M. C., and Robert, J. Hyperthermia inhibition of tumor cells growth in the presence of ruthenium red. Neoplasma, 33: 603-608, 1986.

6. Wilberding, C. and Kessel, D. Effects of ruthenium red on accumulation and cytotoxicity of m-AMSA, vinblastine and daunorubicin in leukemia cells. Biochem Pharmacol, 33: 2559-2562, 1984.

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