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References for DIDS:

1. Wilson, M. C., Meredith, D., Bunnun, C., Sessions, R. B., and Halestrap, A. P. Studies on the DIDS-binding site of monocarboxylate transporter 1 suggest a homology model of the open conformation and a plausible translocation cycle. J Biol Chem, 284: 20011-20021, 2009.

2. Zhao, W., Zhu, F., Shen, W., Fu, A., Zheng, L., Yan, Z., Zhao, L., and Fu, G. Protective effects of DIDS against ethanol-induced gastric mucosal injury in rats. Acta Biochim Biophys Sin (Shanghai), 41: 301-308, 2009.

3. Ishida, T., Takizawa, Y., Kainuma, T., Inoue, J., Mikawa, T., Shibata, T., Suzuki, H., Tashiro, S., and Kurumizaka, H. DIDS, a chemical compound that inhibits RAD51-mediated homologous pairing and strand exchange. Nucleic Acids Res, 37: 3367-3376, 2009.

4. Yao, H., Felfly, H., Wang, J., Zhou, D., and Haddad, G. G. DIDS protects against neuronal injury by blocking Toll-like receptor 2 activated-mechanisms. J Neurochem, 108: 835-846, 2009.

5. Salhany, J. M. Kinetic evidence for modulation by glycophorin A of a conformational equilibrium between two states of band 3 (SLC4A1) bound reversibly by the competitive inhibitor DIDS. Blood Cells Mol Dis, 42: 185-191, 2009.

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