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Dibutyryl cAMP

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References for Dibutyryl cAMP:

1. Kimura, E., Frigeri, C. K., and Armelin, H. A. Relevance of c-fos proto-oncogene induction for the steroidogenic response to ACTH, dcAMP and phorbol ester in adrenocortical cells. Mol Cell Biochem, 124: 23-32, 1993.

2. Rouiller, V., Gangnerau, M. N., and Picon, R. Responsiveness of rat ovaries to dcAMP in the perinatal period: evidence for an inhibitory influence in vivo. J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol, 39: 953-957, 1991.

3. Picon, R., Pelloux, M. C., Benhaim, A., and Gloaguen, F. Conversion of androgen to estrogen by the rat fetal and neonatal female gonad: effects of dcAMP and FSH. J Steroid Biochem, 23: 995-1000, 1985.

4. Vivarelli, E., Stefanini, M., and Siracusa, G. Pyruvate and lactate production by cultured Sertoli cells, fibroblasts and muscle satellite cells, and the effect of hormonal and dcAMP stimulation. Cell Biol Int Rep, 8: 739-746, 1984.

5. Salustri, A. and Siracusa, G. Metabolic coupling, cumulus expansion and meiotic resumption in mouse cumuli oophori cultured in vitro in the presence of FSH or dcAMP, or stimulated in vivo by hCG. J Reprod Fertil, 68: 335-341, 1983.

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