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Niflumic acid

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References for Niflumic acid :

1. Kim, B. M., Maeng, K., Lee, K. H., and Hong, S. H. Combined treatment with the Cox-2 inhibitor niflumic acid and PPARgamma ligand ciglitazone induces ER stress/caspase-8-mediated apoptosis in human lung cancer cells. Cancer Lett, 300: 134-144.

2. Fujimoto, W., Miki, T., Ogura, T., Zhang, M., Seino, Y., Satin, L. S., Nakaya, H., and Seino, S. Niflumic acid-sensitive ion channels play an important role in the induction of glucose-stimulated insulin secretion by cyclic AMP in mice. Diabetologia, 52: 863-872, 2009.

3. Hegab, A. E., Sakamoto, T., Nomura, A., Ishii, Y., Morishima, Y., Iizuka, T., Kiwamoto, T., Matsuno, Y., Homma, S., and Sekizawa, K. Niflumic acid and AG-1478 reduce cigarette smoke-induced mucin synthesis: the role of hCLCA1. Chest, 131: 1149-1156, 2007.

4. Legros, R. and Coiffard, P. [The anti-inflammatory effect of niflumic acid in gynaecological diseases]. Rev Fr Gynecol Obstet, 68: 467-469, 1973.

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