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H-89 dihydrochloride

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IN0093-5mg USD119.0

References for H-89 dihydrochloride:

1. Herbst, K. J., Allen, M. D., and Zhang, J. The cAMP-dependent protein kinase inhibitor H-89 attenuates the bioluminescence signal produced by Renilla Luciferase. PLoS One, 4: e5642, 2009.

2. Sharifzadeh, M., Aghsami, M., Gholizadeh, S., Tabrizian, K., Soodi, M., Khalaj, S., Ranjbar, A., Hosseini-Sharifabad, A., Roghani, A., and Karimfar, M. H. Protective effects of chronic lithium treatment against spatial memory retention deficits induced by the protein kinase AII inhibitor H-89 in rats. Pharmacology, 80: 158-165, 2007.

3. Kato, Y., Ozaki, N., Yamada, T., Miura, Y., and Oiso, Y. H-89 potentiates adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 cells by activating insulin signaling independently of protein kinase A. Life Sci, 80: 476-483, 2007.

4. Park, W. S., Son, Y. K., Kim, N., Youm, J. B., Warda, M., Ko, J. H., Ko, E. A., Kang, S. H., Kim, E., Earm, Y. E., and Han, J. Direct modulation of Ca(2+)-activated K(+) current by H-89 in rabbit coronary arterial smooth muscle cells. Vascul Pharmacol, 46: 105-113, 2007.

5. Pearman, C., Kent, W., Bracken, N., and Hussain, M. H-89 inhibits transient outward and inward rectifier potassium currents in isolated rat ventricular myocytes. Br J Pharmacol, 148: 1091-1098, 2006.

6. Son, Y. K., Park, W. S., Kim, S. J., Earm, Y. E., Kim, N., Youm, J. B., Warda, M., Kim, E., and Han, J. Direct inhibition of a PKA inhibitor, H-89 on KV channels in rabbit coronary arterial smooth muscle cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 341: 931-937, 2006.

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