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AG0008-100mg USD59.0

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1.Chow, JY et al., Calcium-sensing receptor modulates extracellular Ca2+ entry via TRPC-encoded receptor-operated channels in human aortic smooth muscle cells. Am. J. Physiol. Cell Physiol. 301:C461, 2011.

2.Foster RR, et al, Flufenamic acid is a tool for investigating TRPC6-mediated calcium signalling in human conditionally immortalised podocytes and HEK293 cells. Cell Calcium. 45:384, 2009.

3.Inoue, R et al., The transient receptor potential protein homologue TRP6 is the essential component of vascular ?1-adrenoceptor-activated Ca2+-permeable cation channel. Circ Res 88: 325?332, 2001.

Certificate of Analysis/MSDS is available upon request with lot number

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