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Suramin Sodium Salt

Catalog #:

IN0077-250mg USD170.0
IN0077-1g USD402.0

References for Suramin sodium salt:

1. Sener, M., Akhan, S., Kazimoglu, C., Karapinar, H., Tuna, B., and Cecen, B. The effects of suramin in prevention of peritendinous adhesions following flexor tendon injury in a chicken model. Orthopedics, 31: 542, 2008.

2. Cetinkaya, A., Akman, A., Take, G., Bilezikci, B., and Akova, Y. A. Ciliary body toxicity of subconjunctival suramin compared with mitomycin-C in the rabbit eye: determining the toxic concentration. Ophthalmic Res, 41: 91-97, 2009.

3. McGeary, R. P., Bennett, A. J., Tran, Q. B., Cosgrove, K. L., and Ross, B. P. Suramin: clinical uses and structure-activity relationships. Mini Rev Med Chem, 8: 1384-1394, 2008.

4. Galgoczy, L., Papp, T., and Vagvolgyi, C. In vitro interaction between suramin and fluvastatin against clinically important Zygomycetes. Mycoses, 52: 447-453, 2009.

5. Zhuang, S., Lu, B., Daubert, R. A., Chavin, K. D., Wang, L., and Schnellmann, R. G. Suramin promotes recovery from renal ischemia/reperfusion injury in mice. Kidney Int, 75: 304-311, 2009.

6. George, S., Dreicer, R., Au, J. J., Shen, T., Rini, B. I., Roman, S., Cooney, M. M., Mekhail, T., Elson, P., Wientjes, G. M., Ganapathi, R., and Bukowski, R. M. Phase I/II trial of 5-fluorouracil and a noncytotoxic dose level of suramin in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma. Clin Genitourin Cancer, 6: 79-85, 2008.

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