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AG0002-100mg USD39.0

References for Carbachol:

1. Wang, H., Yu, Y. Q., Liao, W. J., Wang, Z. R., Lv, Y. J., Zhang, Y. G., and Gao, T. W. Negative regulation of endogenous protein kinase Calpha on the dynamic change of carbachol-induced intracellular calcium response in different melanoma cells. J Cell Physiol, 221: 276-282, 2009.

2. Rossler, O. G., Henss, I., and Thiel, G. Transcriptional response to muscarinic acetylcholine receptor stimulation: regulation of Egr-1 biosynthesis by ERK, Elk-1, MKP-1, and calcineurin in carbachol-stimulated human neuroblastoma cells. Arch Biochem Biophys, 470: 93-102, 2008.

3. Guizzetti, M., Thompson, B. D., Kim, Y., VanDeMark, K., and Costa, L. G. Role of phospholipase D signaling in ethanol-induced inhibition of carbachol-stimulated DNA synthesis of 1321N1 astrocytoma cells. J Neurochem, 90: 646-653, 2004.

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