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References for EGTA:

1. Hastings, A. D., Herbert, S. P., Gawler, D., and Walker, J. H. Association with actin mediates the EGTA-resistant binding of cytosolic phospholipase A2-alpha to the plasma membrane of activated platelets. Cell Biol Int, 33: 83-91, 2009.

2. Tei, L., Botta, M., Lovazzano, C., Barge, A., Milone, L., and Aime, S. 1H and 17O NMR relaxometric study in aqueous solution of Gd(III) complexes of EGTA-like derivatives bearing methylenephosphonic groups. Magn Reson Chem, 46 Suppl 1: S86-93, 2008.

3. Tei, L., Baranyai, Z., Botta, M., Piscopo, L., Aime, S., and Giovenzana, G. B. Synthesis and solution thermodynamic study of rigidified and functionalised EGTA derivatives. Org Biomol Chem, 6: 2361-2368, 2008.

4. Zhao, Q., Yuan, S., Wang, X., Zhang, Y., Zhu, H., and Lu, C. Restoration of mature etiolated cucumber hypocotyl cell wall susceptibility to expansin by pretreatment with fungal pectinases and EGTA in vitro. Plant Physiol, 147: 1874-1885, 2008.

5. Samai, M., Hague, T., Naughton, D. P., Gard, P. R., and Chatterjee, P. K. Reduction of paraquat-induced renal cytotoxicity by manganese and copper complexes of EGTA and EHPG. Free Radic Biol Med, 44: 711-721, 2008.

6. Boaz, S. M., Dominguez, K., Shaman, J. A., and Ward, W. S. Mouse spermatozoa contain a nuclease that is activated by pretreatment with EGTA and subsequent calcium incubation. J Cell Biochem, 103: 1636-1645, 2008.

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