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Bafilomycin A1

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References for Bafilomycin A1:

1. Wu, Y. C., Wu, W. K., Li, Y., Yu, L., Li, Z. J., Wong, C. C., Li, H. T., Sung, J. J., and Cho, C. H. Inhibition of macroautophagy by bafilomycin A1 lowers proliferation and induces apoptosis in colon cancer cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 382: 451-456, 2009.

2. Tveten, K., Ranheim, T., Berge, K. E., Leren, T. P., and Kulseth, M. A. The effect of bafilomycin A1 and protease inhibitors on the degradation and recycling of a Class 5-mutant LDLR. Acta Biochim Biophys Sin (Shanghai), 41: 246-255, 2009.

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4. Klionsky, D. J., Elazar, Z., Seglen, P. O., and Rubinsztein, D. C. Does bafilomycin A1 block the fusion of autophagosomes with lysosomes? Autophagy, 4: 849-950, 2008.

5. Teplova, V. V., Tonshin, A. A., Grigoriev, P. A., Saris, N. E., and Salkinoja-Salonen, M. S. Bafilomycin A1 is a potassium ionophore that impairs mitochondrial functions. J Bioenerg Biomembr, 39: 321-329, 2007.

6. Lim, J. H., Park, J. W., Kim, S. J., Kim, M. S., Park, S. K., Johnson, R. S., and Chun, Y. S. ATP6V0C competes with von Hippel-Lindau protein in hypoxia-inducible factor 1alpha (HIF-1alpha) binding and mediates HIF-1alpha expression by bafilomycin A1. Mol Pharmacol, 71: 942-948, 2007.

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