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References for DNDS:

1. O'Neill, E. R., Sakowska, M. M., and Laver, D. R. Regulation of the calcium release channel from skeletal muscle by suramin and the disulfonated stilbene derivatives DIDS, DBDS, and DNDS. Biophys J, 84: 1674-1689, 2003.

2. Liu, S. Q., Ries, E., and Knauf, P. A. Effects of external pH on binding of external sulfate, 4.4-dinitro-stilbene-2,2'-disulfonate (DNDS), and chloride to the band 3 anion exchange protein. J Gen Physiol, 107: 293-306, 1996.

3. Boron, W. F. and Knakal, R. C. Intracellular pH-regulating mechanism of the squid axon. Interaction between DNDS and extracellular Na+ and HCO3. J Gen Physiol, 93: 123-150, 1989.

4. Frohlich, O. The external anion binding site of the human erythrocyte anion transporter: DNDS binding and competition with chloride. J Membr Biol, 65: 111-123, 1982.

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