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IN0029-50mg USD420.0

References for Cyclopamine:

1. Wilson, S. R., Strand, M. F., Krapp, A., Rise, F., Petersen, D., and Krauss, S. Hedgehog antagonist cyclopamine isomerizes to less potent forms when acidified. J Pharm Biomed Anal, 52: 707-713.

2. Mimeault, M., Johansson, S. L., Henichart, J. P., Depreux, P., and Batra, S. K. Cytotoxic effects induced by docetaxel, gefitinib, and cyclopamine on side population and nonside population cell fractions from human invasive prostate cancer cells. Mol Cancer Ther, 9: 617-630.

3. Hamon, F., Renoux, B., Chadeneau, C., Muller, J. M., and Papot, S. Study of a cyclopamine glucuronide prodrug for the selective chemotherapy of glioblastoma. Eur J Med Chem, 45: 1678-1682.

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7. Winkler, J. D., Isaacs, A., Holderbaum, L., Tatard, V., and Dahmane, N. Design and synthesis of inhibitors of Hedgehog signaling based on the alkaloid cyclopamine. Org Lett, 11: 2824-2827, 2009.

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